Emily Kueny, M.A.
Educational Therapist

About Emily

My Background



I am a Learning Specialist and Educational Therapist. I have a master’s degree in Special Education with a certificate in Educational Therapy, as well as an undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and Behavior from Vassar College. I was both a general education and special education teacher for 5 years. I am committed to providing comprehensive and highly individualized programs to children with learning differences and helping to create supportive environments for their families.

With my background in neuroscience, I have a strong foundation in understanding the underlying neurological factors that affect a student’s ability to process and learn information. This allows me to tailor my work and interpret testing in order to address larger underlying and foundational concerns with an understanding of what areas they impact. My background also allows me to help students and parents understand how to accommodate a student’s learning styles and needs. With my background in teaching, I have worked at a number of different types of schools such as a charter school, a private school, and a school for students with special needs. This background knowledge helps me understand the different types of expectations varying schools have for their students and helps me understand how to best consult with teachers in order to work together to support students within different settings. My master’s in Special Education, plus my Certificate in Educational Therapy, have provided me with the foundation for administering informal and formal assessments, techniques for providing one-on-one therapy and a multitude of methods for addressing a variety of academic needs.

What Is Educational Therapy?


Educational Therapy supports individuals with learning differences, disabilities, and challenges which negatively impact academic performance. Educational Therapy offers a wide range of intensive interventions that are designed to remediate learning problems by teaching processing, focusing, memory and learning skills and strategies. These interventions are individualized and unique to the specific learner. The goal of Educational Therapy is to identify and strengthen the child’s skills and competencies, as well as address any academic challenges. 

My Mission


I work with children of all ages helping those who have been previously diagnosed with learning disabilities or are currently facing challenges within their academic endeavors. I also work with parents who are concerned with their child’s academic progress and would like some initial assessments into his or her child’s strengths and weaknesses. 

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If you have questions, please email me at emily@love2learn.us or call me at the number below!